Angelina Jolie, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Kidman

Getty Images, AP Photo

Happy United Nations Day!

Oct. 24 has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948 and celebrates the creation of the U.N. Charter in 1945. Since the founding of the United Nations, countries from all around the world have united to solve a myriad of global issues and problems.

"This year again, we saw the United Nations come together on armed conflict, human rights, the environment and many other issues," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a special message posted on the U.N.'s site. "We continue to show what collective action can do. We can do even more. In a world that is more connected, we must be more united. On United Nations Day, let us pledge to live up to our founding ideals and work together for peace, development and human rights."

Let's celebrate United Nations Day by taking a look at the many celebrities who work as U.N. goodwill ambassadors, including, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Kidman, Ricky Martin, Drew Barrymore and many more!

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