Lily Aldridgeis constantly on mommy duty—and not just any mommy—but a working mom at that.

The Victoria's Secret model shared with E! News exactly what she does to keep that bod runway ready.

As the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show quickly approaches, Lily says being a mom is still her main priority. Although with so much on her plate, just how does she keep that body in tip-top shape?

"I'm just doing a lot of ballet," she told us while promoting Victoria's Secret new sports bras in New York City.

Although we all know working out is a main part of doing a bod well, can we just eat anything post-workout?

Lily says that she's "eating really healthy."

Let's go back to the basics, people. There's no magic pill, just diet and exercise! If we follow this nifty regimen, we're sure to be lookin' runway ready, too.

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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