Olivia Munn

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The ombre trend is no where near over as Olivia Munn proves in this floor length version of the popular color treatment.

We're fans of graduated color in everything from hair dye to wall paint, but something about the Magic Mike star's version feels off. The idea of black to white seems like it would be gorgeous, but is that modern checked pattern getting in the way?

If we ignore the lightened bottom, the New Girl guest star gets major credit for a perfectly plunged neckline. There's nothing more impressive than rocking just the right amount of cleavage. We're also really into the bit of sparkles throughout the fabric, and like that Olivia stayed away from any over the top accessories.

So are we going to poo-poo an entire look for one color palette issue? No. We're not that cruel. But what's your take?

A Fashion Police Oct 23 Poll
What's your take on Olivia's two tone color?
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