Pretty Little Liars: Can You Believe Ali Is Actually [Spoiler]?! Plus, Scoop on the "Trainwreck" Season Ahead!

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Pretty Little Liars, Halloween
Pretty Little Liars, Halloween ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

WARNING: The following article contains MAJOR spoilers from tonight's Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars! If you don't want to be tricked, look away now. For everyone else, here's your treat…

"Did you miss me?"

And with those four little words we finally have an answer to the question that we've been obsessing over for the past four years: Alison DiLaurentis is alive. Gasp, hold up—what?!

We're now have so many questions! Where has Ali been hiding this whole time? If Ali's alive, who's body did they find? Was Ali really there every time the girls thought they were hallucinating? What does Ezra want with Ali? Are Ezra and Board Shorts the same person? Our heads are spinning!

To help ease your PLL-loving mind, we chatted with executive producer Marlene King along with superstars Lucy Hale and Sasha Pieterse about tonight's jaw-dropping Halloween special. The ladies revealed exclusive scoop on what's coming up for out liars now that Ali is alive and Ezra is hot on the trail of her pretty little shadow.

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After witnessing that mind-blowing summer finale, we had strong suspicions that our HBIC could still be roaming the land of the living, but we were still shocked when Ali finally revealed herself in the last two minutes of the episode. Pieterse says she is thrilled to finally be able give fans Ali-centric answers when season four returns Jan. 7.

"There's a lot of different people that she saw the night she disappeared, a lot of different people that she came in contact with that the girls didn't know about, and you've yet to find out," the actress exclusively reveals. "Ezra's been tracking her for a very long time. I can't tell you what kind of reason he has yet, but you will find out. It's a big reason." Eeek! What does he want?!

And speaking of Ezra, we asked Sasha to shed a little light on the whole Ezra vs. Board Shorts confusion. Sasha explains that we won't get the answer to that identity crisis until 4B returns to our TV screens, but she promises it will definitely be well worth the wait.

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Pretty Little Liars, Halloween ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

"I was just super-excited and thrilled in the way that they unraveled and tied in and I think it's brilliant. It's just absolutely brilliant," she gushes. "I think the fans are going to be like 'Really? How did we not think of that?!' It's awesome, it really is. It's actually one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite episodes, so you'll appreciate that one."

King adds that fans will be satisfied with how many secrets they will unravel when the smash drama debuts this winter. Calling it "the answer season," the executive producer promises that fans will learn whether or not Ezra's intentions are truly evil or if simply he's "pulling a Toby" to protect the girls.

One thing we know for sure: Aria is about to be put through hell! "Oh it's payback time for Aria," King laughs. "You know we say A is an equal-opportunity terrorist, and it's Aria's turn to really go through the ringer."

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Pretty Little Liars, Halloween ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Now brace yourselves, Ezria lovers, because what we are about to tell you might be difficult to hear: Aria will find out about Ezra's double life and it's going to hurt, big-time. King explains, "The fallout of Ezra on the A team is huge for Aria, and it's really just heartbreaking to watch. But you can't look away. It's like a train wreck, you can't look away." Noted, we'll start stocking up on tissues.

Lucy Hale tells us that she was absolutely stunned to learn of Ezra's wicked ways. "This is a guy who's seemingly an all-American sweetheart. He treated her well, and aside from the whole scandal of sleeping with his student, he seems like the perfect boyfriend, right? I think it came as a big shock, because it's not expected at all."

So how does Aria react to the news of Ezra's A team association? Hale explains that we're going to see an entirely different side of Aria "In 4B, girl goes a little crazy. You get to see Aria really angry. She's upset about a lot of things. She has pent-up feelings and bottled emotions, and somewhere in the middle of the season, girlfriend just loses it."

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Pretty Little Liars, Halloween ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Perhaps Radley should devote an entire wing to our little liars? The world's most stressed out teens most definitely need it!  

Check back to E! Online tomorrow morning for an exclusive interview with Troian Bellisario to find out even more shocking spoilers on what's coming up when Pretty Little Liars returns in January!

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What did you think of this year's Pretty Little Liars Halloween special? Were you surprised to see that Ali is alive? What are you most looking forward to when the series returns? Tell us your pretty little thoughts in the comments below!

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