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Fake Banksy Sells Fake Artwork in New York a Week After the Real Artist Did, Sells Out in One Hour

Fake Banksy David Cicirelli/YouTube

Well, we can't say we didn't see this one coming.

If we were at Deadline Hollywood, we'd even say "TOLDJA!" right now: After elusive artist Banksy attempted to sell 100 percent authentic pieces of his artwork on the streets of NYC for cheap and attracted few buyers, we said more people would start buying knockoffs. Just in case. 

A week later, Dave Cicirelli, "an artist who creates hoaxes as social commentary," with Lance Pilgrim "saw an opportunity for a little mischief, and a chance to make a statement about the nature of hype, public personas, and the value of art." 

They set up a "Fake Banksy" stand in the same place that Banksy sold his real work. "Same price. Same images. Same location. Everything was the same," they explain. "All 40 sold in just one hour. Including the price sign."

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Fake Banksy David Cicirelli/YouTube

Technically, it wasn't a con job. 

"Our sign said ‘Fake Banksy.' Our salesman assured every customer that it was fake," the two justify on their site, Fakebook. "Each canvas even came with a legally notarized ‘Certificate of Inauthenticity,' claiming that what they bought was not an original Banksy."

And after the video of the real sale went viral, Banksy himself wrote on his site, "Please note: This was a one off. The stall will not be there again today."

Then again, maybe we'll find out this was another Banksy stunt. You really never know.

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