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First Look at Lana Del Rey's Edgy Nylon Magazine Cover—See the Pics!

Lana Del Rey, Nylon Magazine Marvin Scott Jarrett!/Nylon

We already knew Lana Del Rey was a genuinely gifted singer, but in the latest issue of Nylon magazine, the cover girl proves that there's much more to her than just an incredibly hypnotic singing voice.

The brunette beauty, who stars in a film of her own this fall titled Tropico, strikes a confident pose in a chic black crop top and fitted skirt paired with a worn-in denim shirt and gold accessories with her hands confidently clasped behind her head as she smolders seductively for the camera. 

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Lana Del Rey, Nylon Magazine Marvin Scott Jarrett!/Nylon

Her porcelain skin looks downright flawless while the emphasis is kept on her mesmerizing eyes and long, glossy locks.

In short, she looks like the edgy-yet-gorgeous girl next door you were probably totally intimidated by in high school and never wanted to cross.

In reality, she's a dedicated musician and small-town girl who grew up near Lake Placid in New York, who adorably opens up about her family, her spirituality and, oh yes, when she knew she first made it big. 

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Lana Del Rey, Nylon Magazine Marvin Scott Jarrett!/Nylon

"I remember driving over all of the bridges and seeing all of the flashing lights and more and more people and being absolutely thrilled at the possibility of all these things I could do when I grew up," she recalls of her childhood family trips to Florida to get away from the cold.

Growing up, Del Rey, who took a philosophy class at 15, always had a deep spiritual side that she embraced. "I loved church. I loved the mysticism, the idea of something bigger, the idea of a divine plan," she explained in the interview.

Spiritual speak aside, it's safe to say that the singer is well on her way to major stardom, and Lana couldn't be more pleased. 

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Lana Del Rey, Nylon Magazine Marvin Scott Jarrett!/Nylon

The songbird recalls her first taste of fame when she penned her hit song "Video Games."

"I know when I wrote it, I was in love with it—I sent it to everyone, saying, 'Look! This is me in song form. No one in my own circle had a very big reaction, but then Radio 1 started spinning it every day, and that's when things really started to change." 


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