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Kate Middleton Made Into a Cake—See Baker's Lifelike Replica of the Duchess!

Kate Middleton, Cake Courtesy: Tasty Cakes/Facebook

Well, this is one sweet way to pay tribute to Kate Middleton.

British baking enthusiast Lara Clarke has made a miniature cake that resembles the Duchess of Cambridge in celebration of Kate's new royal baby boy Prince George (seriously!). The edible lifelike dessert feature's Prince William's wife in her famous navy blue engagement dress. The pint-size cake topper show's Kate sitting cross-legged with a big smile.

"When Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy I created a white chocolate topper of the Duchess in celebration," Clarke, 27, told the Daily Mail. "I wanted to show that I could make anybody out of chocolate, and she's so pretty it was a lovely challenge."

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Clarke has made dozens of other lifelike cakes, including ones modeled after Johnny Depp, Yoda, Buzz Lightyear and the Grinch.

Kate's cake comes just as some royal impersonators have recreated a few very unusual family portraits of Will, Kate and little baby George. Artist Alison Jackson recently spoofed intimate moments of Will and Kate at home with their bundle of joy.

In one set of photos, the impersonators depict a naked Will and Kate in the bathtub together with a fake Prince George. In another set, Will changes his son's diaper while Kate looks on adoringly. Queen Elizabeth II even gets to cuddle little George in several of the photos.

In perhaps the most bizarre pics of the set, the Will impersonator wears a feeding bra and feeds George breast milk. (We couldn't make this up).

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George Look-alikes REX USA/Alison Jackson/Rex
Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George Look-alikes REX USA/Alison Jackson/Rex

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