Remember dressing up for Halloween as a kid? You had two options:

1. Your parents made you a costume


2. You went to the store and bought one

The latter was always the more...unfortunate choice. Take a look at what kids had to look forward to:

Kids today just don't that kind of imagination. Just look at this Yoda costume.


You would have to suspend belief and imagine that Yoda was blue in order to wear this dang thing.

In case you were looking for different Star Wars costumes, Woolworth has got you covered.

Yep, nothin' like having to wear a trash bag of the character you're supposed to be to get the point across.

This other Woolworth spot has some more "officially licensed" costumes.

Fact: Some kids could not wait to don that plastic mold of Lee Major's face.

Just look how far store-bought costumes have come!


Eh- on second thought, let's go back to the trash bags with faces on them.

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