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Fifty Shades of Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Why the Director's Husband Is Perfect to Play Christian Grey

 Sam Taylor-Wood, Aaron Taylor-Johnson Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Charlie Hunnamis not Christian Grey. (A moment of silence, please.) Jamie Dornan may be Christian Grey—and we would definitely, without a doubt, see Fifty Shades of Grey if he is.

But production is set to start very soon and we need a Mr. Grey nowFifty Shades without a Christian Grey is like sex without a Red Room of pain and pleasure. What's the point? Which is why we're proposing this: Aaron Taylor-Johnson should play Christian Grey. 

Aaron, who starred in such films as Kick-AssKick-Ass 2Anna Karenina and will next appear in Avengers 2, is the husband of director Sam Taylor-Johnson. When she first booked the gig, he told Metro UK, "I am not Christian Grey. I mean, he is supposed to be the most gorgeous man on the f--king planet! And I am not old enough."

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Don't sell yourself short, Aaron! Here are all the reasons we think you are the perfect person to play Christian Grey:

1. If you missed his resumé up top, he's already a well established actor and his star is only on the rise.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Kevin Winter/Getty Images

2. He was even nominated for a "Rising Star" Award, from BAFTA!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Ian Gavan/Getty Images

3. He's carried a rated-R franchise (Kick-Ass).

Jim Carrey, Aaron Johnson, Kick-Ass 2 Universal Studios

Good to know, for Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed's sake.

4. Next, he'll star in the Godzilla reboot opposite Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson CYVR/AKM-GSI

5. And in Avengers 2, opposite Elizabeth Olsen (again! But this time as her brother!)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Dave M. Benett/Getty Images/Marvel

That's A-List stuff. We think he could handle a little old erotica novel.

6. Age is just a number.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Aaron is 23. Christian Grey is 27. Close enough! 

7. As for the not "being the most gorgeous man on the f--king planet" issue, all the reasons after this beg to differ.

Aaron Johnson, GQ Australia GQ Australia

6. He looks good in a suit.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

7. Which is a necessity for all Christian Greys.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Mike Marsland/WireImage

8. Just swap this bowtie out for a nice silver necktie.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Jon Furniss/Getty Images

9. Ignore the crazy hair.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

10. Ignore the questionable goatee.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Jon Furniss/Getty Images

11. Ignore the wife.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sam Taylor-Wood Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

12. Here, he looks good in a suit in motion:

Aaron Johnson GIF

13. He even looks good in an old timey, Russian suit:

Aaron Johnson GIF

14. He also looks good from behind:

Aaron Johnson GIF

(As for his behind, skip to point No. 37. Spoiler alert: Dat ass!)

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15. He looks good with even fewer clothes on.

Aaron Johnson GIF

16. He looks good with no clothes on.

Aaron Johnson GIF

17. Doing pull-ups.

Aaron Johnson GIF

18. Doing one-handed pull-ups.

Aaron Johnson GIF

19. Just really...really...good.

Aaron Johnson GIF

20. The hair?

Aaron Johnson GIF

21. It's good, too.

Aaron Johnson GIF

23. It works.

Aaron Johnson GIF

Who cares if it's not "copper-colored"?

24. He can do brooding.

Aaron Johnson GIF

25. He can do swagger.

Aaron Johnson GIF

26. He can do pensive.

Aaron Johnson GIF

27. And other finger-biting emotions.

Aaron Johnson GIF

28. He can do lovey-dovey.

Aaron Johnson GIF

29. And charming.

Aaron Johnson GIF

30. And S&M, we assume.

Aaron Johnson GIF

That's his arm. That's an arm that could dominate.

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31. Oh, and he did this to Kiera Knightley.

Aaron Johnson GIF

32. And this to Kiera Knightley.

Aaron Johnson GIF

Pretend Kiera Knightley is Anastasia Steele. 

(WARNING: The rest of the points are potentially NSFW and feature nudity.)

33. And then there's this.

Aaron Johnson GIF

(Ignore Blake Lively.)  

34. And this.

Aaron Johnson GIF

(Ignore Blake Lively.) 

35. This.

Aaron Johnson GIF

(Ignore Blake Lively.) 

36. This.

Aaron Johnson GIF

(Ignore Blake Lively.)


Aaron Johnson GIF

(If you're still distracted by Blake Lively, your opinion on who plays Christian Grey is moot.)

Those cakes? Uh, yeah. They work for us.

38. So we're thinking chemistry isn't going to be an issue.

Aaron Johnson GIF

We rest our case.

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