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Kate Winslet Pokes Fun at Herself in Behind-the-Scenes Vogue Video—Watch Now!

Kate Winslet, Vogue VOGUE/Mario Testino

Talk about that pregnancy glow! 

An expectant Kate Winslet looks absolutely radiant on the November cover of Vogue.

The Titanic actress, who is expecting her third child, shows off her baby bump in a chic assortment of designer clothes within the pages of the fashion magazine, rocking a sleek Donna Karan New York wrap dress that she pairs with a gorgeous black-and-gold Duro Olowu juquard cape.

Not too shabby for maternity clothes, huh?

But the elegant Oscar winner proved she still has a playful side on the Mario Testino-lensed shoot, where she jokingly teased the legendary photographer in a cockney accent

VIDEO: Kate Winslet flaunts her baby bump

Kate Winslet, Vogue VOGUE/Mario Testino

"Actually, Mario, do you even know how to take a fackin' photograph?" she said to Testino, who found the star's quip absolutely hilarious.

And don't think the 38-year-old is immune from poking fun at herself, either.

In a funny behind-the-scenes video from her photo shoot, the Labor Day star skips the typical fashion magazine fodder about clothes and makeup, and instead takes the time to hilariously expose her post-interview anxiety.

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Kate Winslet, Vogue VOGUE/Mario Testino

"I'm really good with coming up with the best answers as soon as the interview is over," she bemoans—right before inadvertently Googling herself.

"What am I doing?" she says. "Oh, my God, I have never Googled myself. What a weirdo."

A pretty gorgeous weirdo if you ask us!

What do you think of Kate's Vogue spread?

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