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    Lady Gaga Shows Her Bare Butt in ARTPOP Booklet, Answers Fan Questions During Twitter Q&A

    Lady Gaga, Instagram Instagram

    Lady Gaga is showing off her bare butt in her latest racy pic.

    In a booklet for the 27-year-old singer's upcoming album ARTPOP, Gaga poses naked while sticking her bum out towards the camera. Gaga, whose booty is on full display in the sexy nude photo, took to Instagram to give fans a preview of the pic with a little explanation about it.

    "The booklet includes photos of the day [artist] Jeff [Koons] and I explored different poses for the sculpture," Gaga says, referencing her ARTPOP album cover. "IT IS COMPLETELY AMAZING Been leafing through her allll day."

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    Lady Gaga, Instagram Instagram

    After sharing the bootylicious photo, Gaga took to Instagram to share lyrics (and a joint) from her upcoming song "Dope." In the snapshot, the lyrics "My heart would break without you/might not awake without you/been hurtin' low from living high for so long/I'm sorry and I love you" are written on a piece of lined paper.

    Meanwhile, Gaga participated in a Twitter Q&A yesterday with fans. Among the many questions Gaga answered, she revealed her new song "Mary Jane Holland" is about "cannabis." She says of the blue orb she poses with on her album cover, "blue gazing ball - the gazing ball is the point of creation. I view this as the sculpture of me, and my image as the representation of jeff."

    And as for whether or not ARTPOP is her favorite album she's made to date, Gaga wrote, "right now it is. but i truly love all my albums and born this way will always have a special place in my heart."

    Gaga revealed her naked ARTPOP album cover earlier this month. She released the album's track list last week.

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