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    CBGB: Five Faces That Made a Scene at the Famous Punk Nightclub

    CBGB Unclaimed Freight Productions

    At the oddly named "Country Bluegrass Blues" bar, better known as CBGB, rats, trash and a corpse greeted patrons as they walked past the tattered velvet rope to gain all access to the dive bar that would become a haven for the New York Punk scene.

    In the musical drama by the same name, Director Randall Miller revels in the grime, the fashion and plenty of music in this loosely based tale of the rise of the punk scene in 1973 New York and the happenings at CBGB.

    Failed club owner Hilly Kristal (a shaggy Alan Rickman) along with his whip smart daughter Lisa (Ashley Green) and his Village Peoples construction hat wearing pal Merv, turned the Bowery district into a hotspot for numerous bands: The Talking Heads, Blondie, The Romanes, Television, Iggy & the Stooges, Patti Smith, The Police and on and on and on…

    There were so many faces we've chosen five among bands, managers, and producers to put on our set list:

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    CBGB Unclaimed Freight Productions

    1. Blondie's Front Woman, Debbie Harry. The rapturous Malin Akerman only has a few scenes as the platinum-haired singer, so if Hollywood ever gets around to a feature focused on the new wave band Blondie, may we suggest Happy Ending's Elisha Cuthbert? Nevertheless, there's a CBGB highlight to look out for in Ackerman's performance, when Iggy Pop (Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins) interrupts her set and coaxes her to sing a "I Wanna Be Your Dog" duet.

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    CBGB Unclaimed Freight Productions

    2. Ron Weasley Shreds as Dead Boy's Cheetah Chrome. Harry Potter star Rupert Grint swapped his tussled hair for attitude and a dog collar, as lead guitarist for The Dead Boys, a band that Hilly thinks might be the next big thing. Although decades later most of us haven't heard of them so…

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    CBGB Unclaimed Freight Productions

    3. Patti Smith. Poetry-slamming Smith (Mickey Sumner) was the last act to play at CBGB when the club closed after 33 incredible years. Here she's a hungry artist who wants to feed the rough crowd with her music.

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    CBGB Unclaimed Freight Productions

    4. Ork Records Founder, Terry. Ork (Johnny Galecki) convinced Hilly that his act, Television, was the future sound of rock. They're the first band to play at CBGB. Television's sound might not sound very punk, but it ushered in genre-definers like The Talking Heads.

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    CBGB Unclaimed Freight Productions

    5. Genya "Goldie" Ravan. As a struggling record producer, Stana Katic is in a very different Big Apple than the one Becket fights crime in. The former model looks great in leather though.

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