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    Machete Kills: Five Things to Know About the Guns, Babes and More Guns Sequel

    Machete Kills Open Road Films

    Danny Trejo is back as the Mexican of few words. That's OK since his signature blade speaks volumes in this sequel to writer, director and co-editor Robert Rodriguez's (Sin City) 2010 flick that was birthed from an hilarious fake movie trailer in Grindhouse. This is the third actual film to be made from that 70's exploitation gorefest following the original Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun. While we wait for Rob Zombie's Werewolves of the S.S., Trejo slices and dices across the border and back.

    Michelle Rodriguez returns as the one-eyed rebel that also kills, along with Tom Savini and Jessica Alba. New to the fiesta, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, Lady GagaSofía Vergara, Mel Gibson, and much more… 

    Five things to know about Machete's returns to the big screen:

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    Machete Kills Open Road Films

    1. Machete Don't Text, Tweet, None of it. Low Tech Thrills: Everyone knows Rodriguez and his team have a love for 70's exploitation fare like his bud Tarantino. Rodriguez also has a eye for early 80s future wares; Machete's new blade is actually shiny Swiss-knife activated by a big red button. We wish all the blood from the numerous decapitations weren't computer-generated though…

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    Machete Kills Open Road Films

    2. Old School Va Va Voom Never Gets Old. A curvaceous cast of dames don leather like a second skin a la Russ Meyers' inspired couture. Amber Heard is a beauty queen slash assassin, Alexa Vega, a hot gun-toting gal while Sofía Vergara owns a brothel, hates all men, and has a machine-gun spurting steel accessory. Her wardrobe malfunction delivers heavy damage.

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    Lady Gaga, Machete Kills

    3. This Guy: Charlie Sheen plays the Commander and Chief who shoots first, asks questions later, and yet he's far from the most controversial casting choice. That would be Mel Gibson as evil corporate CEO, Luther Voz. Plagued with perpetual deva vu, Voz knows what's about to happen before it happens to avoid scandal. If only the actor had such a talent…

    4. Lady Gaga. Best. Intro. Ever: Her "Telephone" video sported a cameo by Tarantino's ultra pink "P Wagon" from Kill Bill quickly establishing Gaga (and Beyoncé) as a fans. So why not show up in a Machete sequel? The ARTPOP diva delivers lines flat like her idol, Madonna, but fortunately, her poker face works even if singer's voice does not. As a gender-neutral bounty hunter, Gaga doesn't outstay her welcome. Look for other cameos by Antonio Banderas, Walton Goggins and Cuba Gooding Jr..

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    Machete Kills Open Road Films

    5. Next Machete to be… Out of This World?!: As in Grindhouse and the original Machete, an old-fashioned "preview" is attached to Kills, namely, Machete Kills Again… In Space! The 80s sci-fi flick, that may or may not star Leonardo DiCaprio as a "man in an iron mask", (which Leo actually did star in '98) is a kooky foreshadowing of Machete's next adventure and maybe the last act of the film you're currently watching.

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