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    Giuliana Rancic Video-Bombs Vanilla Ice, Reveals He Was Her "First Love"—and They Rap Together! Watch Now!

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    Giuliana Rancic's first love? Vanilla Ice, yo!

    And to think, we never would have known if Giuliana hadn't recently happened to get on the same elevator in which Robert Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) was in the middle of giving an interview to WNBC's New York Live.

    "What is up? Oh my god, I was obsessed," Giuliana said as the doors opened to reveal her childhood crush.

    "Am I video-bombing you right now?" the E! host asked excitedly. "Yes, I love that!" she added when the guys in the elevator—one of whom also happened to be the fiance of a friend of hers—concurred.

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    "Say 'word to your mother,'" Van Winkle encouraged her. 

    "Don't even make me start singing one of your songs," she protested. But the Cool as Ice star was persistent, high-fiving her when she revealed that she went to two concerts of his, in Virginia and Maryland, back in the day.

    "Get out! Not literally, stay in, but..." the artist replied, apparently thrilled by the news.

    And once the history had been established, the raps immediately followed.

    "Stop, collaborate and..." he began. "Listen," Giuliana readily filled in, instantly recognizing the words to the seminal "Ice Ice Baby."

    "Ice is back with a brand new..." "Invention."

    "Something grabs a hold of me..." "Tightly."

    Watch the clip and behold the flow for yourself!

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    And as Giuliana got out of the elevator (How many floors did they pass, anyway?!), she blew Van Winkle and kiss and called him "my first love."

    "My first major crush," she added. "I was so in love with you, I was like a psycho radio caller."

    "I love you, you're the best," he replied. "Next time we'll work on our twerking!"

    Call that a childhood dream fulfilled.

    Catch Giuliana cohosting E! News weeknights at 7 p.m. & 11:30 p.m. and on Fashion Police Fridays at 9 p.m.

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