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    Lady Gaga Releases Artpop Track Listing

    Lady Gaga Artpop

    Of course Lady Gaga didn't just release the track listing for her upcoming album Artpop in your average fashion.

    The 27-year-old pop star took to Twitter last night to tease fans prior to the release of the track list, and in signature Gaga style, she enlisted her loyal Little Monsters to help get the job done.

    "To announce the ARTPOP track list I've commissioned a mural by my most dedicated Los Angeles fans," she wrote last night. "Known as the LA Rivington Rebels, they've been sleeping outside of the Record Plant (my studio) for a month! Sleeping bags, booze & all."

    "At 9pm PT they will all begin tweeting pictures of their work!" she added before promptly retweeting 15 photos which spell out each and every song name. 

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    ARTPOP, Twitter Twitter

    Gaga began by sharing the first image of track one, the Machete Kills trailer tune "Aura," which also hit airwaves last night.

    ARTPOP, Twitter Twitter

    She then continued to unveil the track list with "Venus," "G.U.Y.," "Sexxx Dreams," "Jewels N' Drug," which features T.I., Too $hort and Twista, as well as "MANiCURE," the R.Kelly collab "Do What U Want" and the title track—No. 8 on the album.

    ARTPOP, Twitter Twitter

    And as an added bonus for her loyal Monsters, the performer also posted an image of the entire ARTPOP mural, which features her talented Rivington Rebels posing in front of their masterpiece.

    Artpop is slated for release Nov. 8. 

    1. Aura
    3. G.U.Y.
    4. Sexxx Dreams
    5. Jewels N' Drugs ft. T.I., Too $hort and Twista
    6. MANiCURE
    7. Do What U Want ft. R.Kelly
    8. Artpop
    9. Swine
    10. Donatella
    11. Fashion!
    12. Mary Jane Holland
    13. Dope
    14. Gypsy
    15. Applause

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