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    Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry & John Mayer Read Mean Tweets About Themselves—Watch Now!

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    There is no denying that the main theme of Kanye West's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, Oct. 9, was Twitter.

    "Since tonight is a night that we will be focused on a Twitter battle, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce another edition of our popular segment Mean Tweets," Jimmy Kimmel said.

    In case you didn't know, "Mean Tweets" features a series of celebrities reading terrible (and highly amusing) things people write about them on Twitter.

    So, here are some highlights from the music edition of Mean Tweets, in honor of West.

    First up: Selena Gomez. "I hate when people ask me why I hate Selena Gomez, like, I just do," Gomez said with a semi-serious tone.

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    Demi Lovato, Twitter
    Demi Lovato, Twitter YouTube

    "That Demi Lovoto song, make it stop. Please," Demi Lovato read in slight disbelief at the spelling and pronunciation of her last name.

    John Legend showed his comedic side. "John Legend seems like he cries after sex," he said. And then he pretended to cry.

    "John Mayer looks like a booze soaked turd wrapped in a Dumb and Dumber tux," the crooner read, almost confused as to what that image would actually look like.

    Pharrell's mean tweet was short and sweet: "Pharrell looks like a sewer rat." Huh?

    "Katy Perry is the perfect example of fit, but f--king annoying as f--k," the "Roar" singer said.

    But Lil Wayne takes the cake with the best reaction to his mean tweet, which was "Lil Wayne looks like a crabapple."

    "I don't know what a crabapple is," the rapper said with a big chuckle.

    To see more hysterical, "Mean Tweets," watch now!

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