Louie, Louis C.K.

Eric Leibowitz / FX

Louis C.K. is never one to take things too seriously.

So it should come as no surprise when he sent out a hilarious email to alert fans that his most recent HBO comedy special Oh My God is available to buy on his site. In it, he pokes fun at his recent weight loss (among other things).

In the email blast, the comedian wrote, "A lot has changed since my last email to you. First, you'll be glad to know, I lost seven pounds! I know! And all it took was absolutely no dedication or commitment to losing any weight. And it paid off."

He added, "Now that I knocked that out of the park, I'm setting my sights on more goals."

So what exactly is C.K. planning on accomplishing next?

Well, things like "believing in myself," he explained.

"I believe that I exist. And that I'm going to pretty much keep existing and being the pretty much same guy, with the same qualities and skills I've always had or lacked, especially when averaged over time, no matter what happens."

So in short, let's not hold our breaths for any real transformations any time soon, right?!

But all jokes aside, the hilarious comedian ended his email with a word of advice for his legions of fans.

"Please enjoy your life. And please be always curious about other people."


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