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Paris Hilton's "Good Times" Music Video by the Numbers—Watch Now and Analyze It With Us!

Paris Hilton is a woman who wears many hats. She's an heiress, she's kind of an actress, she's kind of a TV personality, she's kind of an author and she's kind of a singer. A singer who signed to Cash Money records recently and received an actual hat that says YMCMB. 

You can see that hat in the new music video for her EDM song, "Good Time." The song, lyrically, makes Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" look like a masters thesis on economics and women in the work force. The video, visually, is Paris Hilton-y.

Here it is, by the numbers:

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Length of the music video: 3 minutes, 35 seconds

Paris Hilton GIF

Amount of time she's actually singing ("singing"?): 1 minute, 47 seconds

Paris Hilton GIF

(Less than 50 percent.)

Number of times Paris Hilton asks if you're having a good time: 4

Paris Hilton GIF

Number of times she says "party": 12

Paris Hilton GIF

Number of times she says "good": 15

Paris Hilton GIF

Stolen catchphrases: 1

Paris Hilton GIF

"It's Paris Hilton Britney, bitch!"

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Number of Paris puns: 1

Paris Hilton GIF

"Paris, do you speak French?" (Answer: Apparently.)

References better made in 2006: 2

Paris Hilton GIF

"I came here, just to party / Oh please don't you hate on me" (Who was hating on you? Who was talking about you?) and "They called the paparazzi / I don't really give a f--k" (Aw, Paris. When was the last time someone called the paparazzi on you?)

Bathing suits you definitely couldn't wear in the ocean: 2

Paris Hilton GIF

Spiky vagina? The only way that's practical is if you're fending off a shark attack.

Number of shots on Paris on her hands and knees: 8

Paris Hilton GIF

Number of gratuitous male hotties in Speedos: 4

Paris Hilton GIF

Well, at least 4. Hay boys!

Number of times you've watched Paris Hilton's "Good Time" music video: You tell us!

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