The last generation may have let the TV parent their kids, but this generation has a new place to turn: Vine. Specifically, the masked super-father, Batdad (alter ego: Blake Wilson of Atlanta).

In his first compellation of Vine videos, Batdad taught his kids to wear their seatbelt and cover their mouths when they sneezes. And now he's back with more parenting lessons made batty. 

"I'm just a normal dad with four kids and a wife, having fun with them," Wilson told The Today Show. "I like to think that I can be a fun dad. But it's not all fun and games all the time."

Again, the best part of the Batdad series is when he goes head to head with his arch enemy, Exasperated Wife! "I feel bad for her, I know that I can be annoying," Wilson said of his wife, Jen. 

"It's hilarious," she deadpans.

Batdad has even started making videos of him just yelling Jen's name to capture her startled turned annoyed turned exasperated turned exasperatedly amused reaction. This is the type of pandering we can support.

So why is Batdad such a hit? He explains, "It makes people smile because it's so stupid."

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