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    Whoops! Karina Smirnoff Shows Off More Than Side Boob at Machete Kills Premiere

    Karina Smirnoff Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    We are not looking at a nipple here. 

    But we are seeing a bit of a pasty that popped out of the lacy, side-boob-flaunting dress that Karina Smirnoff wore last night to the Machete Kills premiere in Hollywood.

    Hey, it happens—sometimes on purpose, two at a time (See: Miley Cyrus), and sometimes by accident, thanks to gravity (or Justin Timberlake).

    Smirnoff's silver and black minidress boasted sheer paneling all along the sides, so side boob was going to be part of the deal no matter what (barring unsightly bra straps, that is). And she was wearing pasties to cover her nipples in the first place, so good for her on that front as well!

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    But maybe more fashion tape to keep her parts in place was in order.

    The Dancing With the Stars beauty, who is performing with High School Musical  alum Corbin Bleu this season, otherwise rocked that little number.

    Earlier this year, she shared some of her secrets to maintaining that hot body of hers with—and yes, dancing is required.

    "Prepping for Dancing With the Stars each week is a lot like training for a marathon—you have to work on your stamina and stay focused," Smirnoff said. "However, you also have to be moved by the story you're telling and the music you're dancing to."

    "I think the key to a healthy body is finding the workout regimen that you can maintain and enjoy," she added. "Dancing 100 percent keeps me in shape and helps me to maintain my core, which is extremely important for dancing."

    Consider her core—and her stems—maintained.

    Karina Smirnoff Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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