Gravity, George Clooney, Batman

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At least George Clooney's space suit didn't have built-in nipples.

Talking about the astronaut gear he wears in his latest film, Gravity, the actor told that his space suit was indeed pretty uncomfortable—but he's had to wear worse!

"Not as bad as the Batsuit, but just about," he quipped, referring to his turn as the stiffly attired Caped Crusader in 1997's Batman & Robin. (No word on his feelings about the Solaris suit seen above.)

In trailers for the very intense-looking Gravity, Clooney, who plays an engineer, has largely been featured as a disembodied voice trying to guide astronaut Sandra Bullock through a major crisis—one of many major crises the characters are in for.

But we have gotten a few glimpses of that heavy suit and it does look...cumbersome.

Gravity, George Clooney

Warner Bros.

Clooney also chatted about the contraption dreamed up by director Alfonso Cuarón and his crew to better simulate the appearance that his actors were adrift in space.

"We were in a machine that's never been invented before," he explained. "They were the machines that they build cars on in Detroit, these old, giant machines where they flip you around in a bunch of different directions, and then the camera is on another machine like that, and it would flip around, so that your body and the camera were moving all at the same time.

"It was really disorienting."

Sort of like stepping into superhero gear that's already equipped with nipples—or will be in post-production.

"They put nipples on the damn thing," Clooney told MTV News earlier this week. "I didn't even know it until the film came out."

"Let's face it," he admitted. "The space suit was just uncomfortable for me, the Batsuit was uncomfortable for all of the world."

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