TV shows like Weeds and Breaking Bad may make light of drugs and drug use, but it's a serious issue affecting today's young adults.

On Society X With Laura Ling, investigative journalist Laura Ling takes us inside pop culture trends that are gaining momentum on the fringes of society.

Tonight's premiere gives a raw, unfiltered look at synthetic drugs. Laura delves into the subculture to find out who's making them, who's taking them and how people are affected by them.

In the clip above, Laura speaks to two anonymous college students about the particular drugs they use and sell.

The students show Ketamine, 2C-P, Methylone (ectasy and molly) and even marshmallows and candy that are injected with Xanax. (We didn't even know that was possible!)

The drug dealers sell to students on campus and even their friends. Laura finds out how they got involved with the substances.

During tonight's episode, we'll learn more about bath salts, spice and synthetic hallucinogensalong with their tragic consequences for so many who dare to "party" with them.

Watch the clip above to see the scary truth!

Tune-in to the premiere of Society X With Laura Ling  tonight at 10/9c!

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