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    Britney Spears to Congress: "Work Bitch!"

    Britney Spears, Work Bitch

    Rest assured folks, Britney Spears knows how to solve the government shut-down.

    "Go call the po-lice, Go Call The Gu-vunah! Someone tell Congress to get to #WorkBxxCH," the pop star tweeted this morning.

    Are you listening, Congress?

    The tweet is, of course, a reference to the lyrics in Queen B's most recent single, "Work Bitch," in which the blond beauty sings, "Go call the police, go call the governor, I bring the treble, don't mean to trouble ya, I make the governor, call me the governor, I am the bad bitch, the bitch that you'll never know."

    WATCH: Check out the video for "Work Bitch"

    Last night, the 31-year-old beauty released the super sexy music video for the single, which features the singer showing off her seriously bangin' bod in a handfull of itty-bitty outfits while her incredibly fierce back-up dancers put the werk in "Work Bitch."

    Spears also dances in the desert with a bevy of leather-clad ladies, whips a woman crawling on the ground in lingerie and shows off her sultry side while perched on a podium in the water in the clip, which has a Britney circa 2001 sort of feel (amazing, right?).

    In addition to her advice for Congress, Spears—who is set to begin her two-year residency at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood in December—also she took to Twitter today to thank fans for the positive response to the video:

    LOOK: Britney teases "Work Bitch" video

    "Overwhelmed with all the love, my goodness! Big kiss to all of u & Mr Ben Mor!!! Xxoo #WORKBxxCHVideo," she wrote

    Congrats, girl! You're looking flawless and fierce.

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