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    Kanye West Thanks French Paparazzi for Being Respectful: "I Understand You Have to Make a Living"

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    Kanye West
    Kanye West www.splashnews.com

    France is home to many great works of art, delectable food and drink, and—apparently—some Kanye West-friendly paparazzi!

    On Monday, Sept. 30, Kim Kardashian's love had a totally OK run-in with several photographers in the streets of Paris. And unlike the so-called "bloodsucking mosquitoes" he's sparred with many a time back in the United States, Kanye discovered these paps to be respectful human beings just trying to make a living.

    But when the rapper, 36, first got out of a car and saw the slew of cameras aimed his way, he was wary. "Don't ask questions," he instructed the very quiet photographers, "Just take the video."

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    "Don't do like the L.A. [paparazzi]"," he started, before noticing that the French photographers were all following his no-questions request.  "I like how you guys, like, move out here. You've got like total respect for yourselves, have respect for the people that you're photographing."

    He also liked that the French photographers "take time off," saying, "Like, at 8 o'clock, you're not around peoples' houses, so, I just really appreciate and respect that."

    Then, Yeezy showed off some impeccable manners. "I understand that you have to make a living," he said, reaching out to shake a paparazzo's hand. "So I appreciate [the respectfulness]."

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    Then, when a French woman failed to recognize Kanye "I Am a God" West and was curious as to who he was, things continued to be A-OK. A polite photographer asked Kanye's permission to tell the woman who he was.

    He nodded yes, that would be OK, and turned to the woman. He kindly shook her hand and introduced himself, saying, "I'm Kanye. How you doing?"

    Well played, Mr. West!

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