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    Baggage Claim Review Roundup: Paula Patton Is a "Terrific Actress," but the Film is "Ultra Tacky"

    Baggage Claim

    Baggage Claim, the comedy starring Paula Patton and Taye Diggs is set to hit theaters on Friday, Sept. 27.  While Patton is getting good reviews in the romcom, the movie as a whole isn't getting much love.

    Let's first set the scene: Patton plays Montana, a flight attendant, pledging that she will not be the oldest and the only woman in her family never to wed before her younger sister's wedding. So, she sets out on a 30-day, 30,000-mile journey in the hopes of finding the perfect man to become her fiancé.  And away we go! 

    Directed by David E. Talbert, here's a sampling of what critics are saying.

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    Baggage Claim

    Peter Debruge from Variety writes "chemistry you can fake, but charm is far harder to pull off, and Baggage Claim never quite succeeds on that front. Talbert has clearly studied what makes similar films click, but instead of finding a fresh spin on old clichés, he merely repeats them (as when an unhappy Montana asks no one in particular, 'Could this get any worse?' cuing the rainstorm)."

    The Hollywood Reporter's Sheri Linden's doesn't believe the movie is a total miss, saying "for a brief period late in the game, the feature gets airborne — the writing, performances and direction in screwball synchronicity. But that breath of spoofy fresh air gives way to flatfooted sappiness to wrap the fairy tale neatly."

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    Baggage Claim

    Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly gives praise to Patton saying she "is such a terrific actress that even in the ultra-tacky romantic comedy Baggage Claim, she gives a luminous, thought-out performance, not just walking through but digging into the role of an eager, nervous doormat with a people-pleasing grin."

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    Baggage Claim

    USA Today's Claudia Puig thinks "Baggage is not a clunker or a heavy lift. Long on predictability and shorter on screwball laughs, it's solidly in middle ground. The story is on fresher turf when it mocks its own conceit."

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