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Prepare to pledge allegiance, because Homeland is back.

Season-three of the Emmy-winning Showtime series premieres on Sunday, so for those who need to play some catch-up, you've come to the right place. We're going to give you a crash course in season two and offer up some tantalizing teases for the season premiere episode and beyond. Ready to take Homeland notes?

Where We Left Off

CIA Attacked: Just when everyone relaxed after Abu Nazir was caught and killed, a bomb hit the CIA memorial service for Vice President Bill Walden, who suffered a Brody (Damian Lewis)-induced heart attack. CIA boss David Ester was among the deceased, meaning that job was wide open for Saul (Mandy Patinkin).

Brody on the Run: Brody is blamed for the bombing (it did come from his car, after all) and Carrie (Claire Danes) decides to help him escape, because she believes he had nothing to do with the attack. She's actually the only one who thinks he's innocent. She drives him to the Canadian border and drops him off, and after kissing her goodbye, off he goes into the night.

What's Ahead

Brody Is MIA: As we've revealed before, Brody is not in the first two episodes, but he is definitely talked about.

CIA Under Investigation: The CIA is still under attack in the premiere episode, but now because people are questioning its effectiveness. Saul has to stand trial and answer for the bombing, and in doing so, he throws Carrie under the bus. Carrie is off her meds and trying to find ways to clear Brody's name, but the CIA investigation is making both of those things very difficult. 

Who's the Mole? Someone leaks a very damning story to the press, making Carrie and Saul's relationship all the more complicated. By the end of episode two, we're not sure if those two will ever make amends.

New Blood: A newbie joins the team (played by Nazanin Boniadi) to help trace the money that was behind the CIA attack, and she clashes roughly with Quinn (Rupert Friend) and Saul. There is something shifty about her…

Damn It, Dana! That is a phrase you'll be screaming many times during the first couple of episodes. She makes some very bad decisions involving a boy she meets in therapy. Why is she in therapy? Well, you'll learn just how bad she took the news about her dad being a potential terrorist.

We can't give much more than that away, but you'll thank us on Sunday when you see the solid season-three premiere episode. After you watch, come back here and we'll talk about it!

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