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    Would You Go Through a Haunted House Naked? Plus, Look at These Hilarious Photos of People Getting Scared

    Nightmare Fear Factory

    If you are one of those cruel, cruel people who enjoys jumping out from behind stuff and scaring your boyfriend, wife, roommate, mom, grandpa, etc., then you're just like us. Also, you will love these pictures of terrified people at a Canadian haunted house.

    The house is Nightmares Fear Factory, a supposed former coffin factory that takes photos ("fear pics") of its guest as they navigate their way though Niagara Falls "scariest and best haunted house."

    And the fear pics bring us so much joy, we can't even tell you.

    Nightmare Fear Factory
    Nightmare Fear Factory

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    Nightmares Fear Factory also keeps a running "Chicken Count," boasting that "over 120,000 chickened's that scary!!" On their website, they explain that at any point in the house, if it gets to scary, a guest can yell "nightmares" and "something" will come to take you out.

    Nightmare Fear Factory
    Nightmare Fear Factory

    As for what is scarying these poor, hilarious people, Nightmares Fear Factory plays by a "what happens inside, stays inside" policy. In their Frequently Asked Questions, they refuse to disclose whether it's very dark (our guess: yes) or if anyone touches you or separates you from your group inside (OMG, nonono!)

    Nightmare Fear Factory
    Nightmare Fear Factory

    The latest review on their site: "honestly I thought I was going to die at one point."

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    Nightmare Fear Factory

    If you prefer to be on the scared side of scaring, Shocktoberfest, "Pennsylvania's Premiere Haunted Scream Park," has a special offer just for you: The "Naked and Scared Challenge."

    It's exactly what it sounds like. 

    People go through the haunted house with "ZERO protection" (translation: zero clothes, though a "prude" option allows participants to keep their undies on). Guests must be 18-year-old and they undress in a "semi-private preshow building."

    There is one disclaimer: "Shocktoberfest has created this experience so their customers can explore a new level of fear...This is not about sex." Oh, and there's a cleaning charge if they "scare the p*ss out of you!"

    Just 35 days until Halloween...

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