Baby Elephant

We spent countless hours scouring the Internet, past thousands of YouTube videos of kittens playing with puppies and monkeys grabbing people's boobs. And here it is, the cutest animal video you will see this week. 

If you think about it, elephants' trunks are super weird: It's a nose. But also an appendage, like an arm, used to grab stuff, lift stuff, etc. stuff. Also it's used to drink water. Like a mouth! Or a straw!

So imagine what it's like having a trunk. In this video, a cute (cute, cute) baby elephant shows it takes a minute to get used to it. It was shot in Timbavati, South Africa, earlier this year.

Fun elephant fact: An elephant trunk can lift upwards of 700 pounds!

Got an animal video that's even cuter? Share it in the comments!

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