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Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Cover Sesame Street Theme With Muppets—Watch Now!

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Well, this is almost too good, and too cute, to be true.

Jimmy Fallon is known to appear with The Roots and special guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performing with classroom instruments. These usually include toy xylophones, wood blocks, hand cymbals and the kazoo to popular tunes. Notable appearances include Robin Thicke singing "Blurred Lines" and Carly Rae Jepsen joining the crew to perform "Call Me Maybe."

Now we can add the principal cast of Sesame Street to that list!

In an adorable video, the late night host positions the camera to reveal himself, the musical group and Big Bird, Elmo, Grover and Cookie Monster to name a few. 

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Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Roots, Sesame Street
Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Roots, Sesame Street NBC

"It's very exciting!" Elmo says.

With The Count leading the count (of course), the whole group starts singing the theme song from Sesame Street.

"Sunny Day, sweepin' the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet," the adorable group croons with their musical instruments. 

"Can you tell Elmo how to get," Elmo belts out to show his solo talent.

"How to get to Sesame Street!" the rest of the gang chimes in.

Cookie Monster could not resist getting in his solo, too. And he gets nothing but praise from Jimmy.

"Cookie Monster, good job!"

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The Roots' Black Thought adds his own flavor with a Sesame Street-themed rap, giving shoutouts to Big Bird and the Snuffleupagus, to name a few.

"Big Bird is out, he's in the house," he raps. "He turning up with Snuffle Up, they really getting their hustle up."

As Black Thought raps about Cookie Monster and his cellphone, the blue Muppet acts in true form: he takes a selfie and then eats his phone.

As soon as the group finishes the song, they all cheer and Fallon can't contain his excitement.

"Let's do it again!" he says.

Yes, please!

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