Lucky 7

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Did you get Lucky tonight?

(Disclaimer: If you want to actually get lucky, like, in the Biblical, horizontal-mambo sense, we advise not using lame puns like that. You can do better.)

ABC's new drama Lucky 7 premiered tonight at 10 p.m., and we're dying to know what you thought. Do you agree that it's a decent show but not anything you're screaming to see more of? Or are you already fully in with your season pass secured?

Lucky 7 comes from Detroit 187 vets David Zabel and Jason Richman, who adapted the series from the British version. It revolves around a group (of seven) blue-collar, everyday people who work at the Gold Star Auto Repair Shop in Queens and who (duh) win the lottery. 

With a few possible romances brewing, and a mildly intriguing subplot with the two brothers (who sent the station owner to the hospital during a robbery attempt gone awry), we'll definitely DVR the next episode, just to see which way this series is trending. Not to mention, standout newcomer Lorraine Bruce (an import from the British version) is one to watch. She's legit.

Sound off in the poll below to let us know your thoughts.

Oh and P.S. Just us, or the scene where they toss the stacks of money out the car window would have been so much cooler if Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) hadn't just done it? We know. We know. Any Breaking Bad comparison is so not fair.

Vote below and then weigh in down below the comments!

Lucky 7
Lucky 7?
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