How I Met Your Mother Unanswered Questions


A sitcom? More like a game show!

Since its pilot episode, How I Met Your Mother has presented fans with a plethora of questions. Some were answered in the very same episode, while others we dragged out over multiple seasons. Although the diehard HIMYM fans cherish the information that we so patiently earned—The goat, the green dress, The Slutty Pumpkin—there are still so many questions left unanswered!

With the final season premiere of How I Met Your Mother gracing our TV screens tonight, we've compiled a list of all the questions, both big and small, that remain unsolved. What's The Mother's name? Will we see Robin Sparkles again? And Damnit Trudy! What about the pineapple?!

Click through our gallery to see all of the questions we hope will be answered by the end of How I Met Your Mother's final season. 

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