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Chris Hemsworth knows that home is where the heart is—and that there's safety in numbers!

And we mean actual digits.

The Rush star submitted yet another entry for the Swoon-Worthy Hall of Fame today, wearing an "In Case of Emergency" dog tag bearing wife Elsa Pataky's name and a phone number at an appearance for his film at the Apple store in New York's SoHo neighborhood.

That's just really, really cute, right?

Although, it's not as if it was any secret that Hemsworth is all about family.

Chris Hemsworth, Dog Tag Necklace

Splash News

The Australian actor told E! News this summer that parenthood—he and Pataky welcomed daughter India in May 2012—has changed him "for the better."

"It puts things into perspective," he added.

And things remain in perspective: Hemsworth said on Ellen this week that he and his wife have been lucky to avoid the media frenzy that tends to surround certain celebs (See: Liam Hemsworth.)

"At times you're a target and at times you're not. If you have a film coming out or who you are dating and what have you... but, um, we've been lucky," he said.

"We kind of live a pretty simple, boring kind of life. We're not rolling out of clubs at 4 in the morning. Not to say that Liam is, by the way—well, he has once or twice!"

At least if Hemsworth ever does run into trouble, emergency responders know who to call!

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