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What makes a TV show go from good to great? A stellar supporting cast, of course.

That's why in today's installment of our 2013 Emmy predictions, we're all over the supporting categories. Also known as: the toughest categories to get into and win. There is so much supporting talent out there that it is not an understatement when the actors and actresses says it's just an honor to be nominated.

Read our picks for who should win and who will win in all the Emmy supporting categories:

Supporting Actor, Drama

Aaron PaulBreaking Bad
Bobby CannavaleBoardwalk Empire
Jonathan BanksBreaking Bad
Jim CarterDownton Abbey
Peter DinklageGame of Thrones
Mandy PatinkinHomeland

Should Win: How could you not be intrigued and in love with Breaking Bad's hitman with a heart? When the only word you can use to describe your feelings over a character's death is "devastated", that's when you know the actor has knocked it out of the park like Banks. RIP, Mike. Your death scene, as quiet as it was, resonated louder than any Breaking Bad shootout.

Will Win: We're banking on Banks to win it all. He deserves it, and since Paul will probably get the trophy next year for his untouchable work in the final episodes, we're giving the edge to Banks.

Supporting Actress, Drama

Anna GunnBreaking Bad
Maggie SmithDownton Abbey
Emilia ClarkeGame of Thrones
Christine BaranskiThe Good Wife
Morena BaccarinHomeland
Christina HendricksMad Men

Should Win: All hail the Khaleesi! After a less-than-entertaining season two for Daenerys (Fest of Snooze, comes to mind!), Game of Thrones gifted us with some epic season three scenes with our fair-haired queen, all of which Clarke delivered with a fiery intensity. But the exact moment she won the Emmy for us? Easy: The end of episode four, which featured our BAMF getting revenge, freeing an army of slaves and truly beginning her journey to the Iron Throne. We're not worthy, but Clarke definitely is.

Will Win: What do voters love more than Downton Abbey? Easy, Downton Abbey star Smith and her bold and brazen character the Dowager Countess. Smith won last year and there's a good chance her statue will have a buddy soon.

Supporting Actor, Comedy

Adam DriverGirls
Jesse Tyler FergusonModern Family
Ed O'NeillModern Family
Ty BurrellModern Family
Bill HaderSaturday Night Live
Tony HaleVeep

Should Win: Easily one of TV's most controversial characters in recent history, Girls breakout star Driver has played the complicated Adam with equal measures of boldness and delicacy. Who knew Hannah's bad boy would become the show's most interesting (and frustrating) character? On a show all about the girls, we can't take our eyes off this guy.

Will Win: Though having three actors from the same category could split the vote, leading to a victory for Veep's Hale, we're thinking Modern Family's Burrell, a fan favorite amongst audiences and voters, will take this one, and we ain't mad about it!

Supporting Actress, Comedy Series

Mayim BialikThe Big Bang Theory
Jane LynchGlee
Julie BowenModern Family
Sofia VergaraModern Family
Merrit WeverNurse Jackie
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock
Anna ChlumskyVeep

Should Win: Wever's Nurse Jackie character Zoey used to be a wide-eyed noob following Jackie (Edie Falco) around like a little puppy dog. But she's grown into this confident (but still awkward) and capable hospital employee that seems to be one of the few who is allowed to get close to Jackie. If you've only seen Wever on New Girl, you've only scratched the surface of her perfect comedic timing.

Will Win: This will be the year Modern Family gets shut out of this category in favor of Krakowski, who has never won an Emmy for her work on 30 Rock, which is nothing short of blasphemy. And this is the Emmys last chance to honor Jenna Maroney, but we all saw how that worked out for Steve Carell (still bitter). We could also see Chlumsky taking home the big prize since the Academy has an obsession with Veep

Who do you think will win in the supporting categories? Make your own picks in the comments!

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