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The Office Props Are Up for Auction: Find Out How Much It Costs to Own Your Very Own Dundie Award

The Office Chris Haston/NBC

Want to own a piece of The Office? Have a couple grand to toss around? Then a piece of the beloved comedy could be yours, forever and ever and no series finale could ever take it away from you! You can reenact your favorite scenes with them! Or just display them!

Or buy a $2,026 framed portrait of John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer and hope that someone that comes to your home hasn't seen The Office and you can tell them, "Oh, those are my friends Jim and Pam. They're a riot! Yeah, we're really close." 

NBC is auctioning off official props and wardrobe pieces from the show on eBay and we rounded up the most noteworthy items for your easy perusal. 

[Note: All posted prices were at the time of publishing, they may have since changed. That is how an auction works.]

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The Office Props Ebay Auction NBC, Ebay

Most Expensive Item: This Dundie Award for "Promising Assistant Manager," given to Dwight Schrute (Rain Wilson). The auction just ended, with 96 bids upping the final price to $15,013.

Least Expensive Item: 30 of Pam Halpert's oversize business cards, showcasing her name and fictional Dunder Mifflin contact info. With 0 bids, they are up for grabs for $24.99 (alternately, Stanley Hudson's are priced the same).

The Office Props Ebay Auction NBC, Ebay

Item We Want Most: This wedding gown, worn by Kelly Kapoor (aka Mindy Kaling) in a Subtle Sexuality music video. And yes, the fingerless gloves are included. With six bids, it is currently at $81. Please buy it for us?

The Office Props Ebay Auction NBC, Ebay

Item We Want Least: Or, the item we don't know why anyone wants. This pair of shoes worn by James Spader's Robert California. With 42 bids, they sold for $182.50. Then again, they are Prada (a size 8.5) and retail for nearly $500. So we guess that's a deal...? If someone is actually going to wear them...?

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The Office Props Ebay Auction NBC, Ebay

Best Value: This Cornell University prop set, which includes two large sweatshirts, a teddy bear wearing a Cornell T-shirt and a frame photo of Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) with his Cornell bros. With 1 bid, it is currently at $24.99. At a University bookstore, you can't even get one school sweatshirt for that price.

Plus, it also includes Andy Bernard's Cornell bachelor's degree. If you have friends who do not know your name, this, paired with you wearing the sweatshirt, could convince them you're a Cornell alumnus. How prestigious! And all for $25!

The Office Props Ebay Auction NBC, Ebay

Essential for The Office Superfan in Your Life: This one-of-a-kind framed "painting" of Dwight, which is approximately 3 feet by 2.5 feet and would look absolutely fantastic hanging on your way. For the low, low price of $609.99.

The Office Props Ebay Auction NBC, Ebay

Essential for The Official Superfan in Your Life (if You're on a Budget): This Armani shirt, pants and tie set worn by Jim Halpert. If you bid now, it's only $24.99. And it may still smell like John Krasinski.

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