Ruh-roh! It looks like Louis Tomlinson's got a groovy new ride!

The One Direction singer has bought himself a custom-made Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van, a rep for the band confirms to E! News. The colorful car has been parked outside the 21-year-old boy bander's house in Hertfordshire, England.

In pics of Tomlin's abode, the green, blue and orange van can be seen in his driveway next to his other black vehicle.

Tomlin recently picked up the van with bandmate Zayn Malik after having it commissioned several months ago.

The ride is tricked out with all sorts of details, including lights, lasers, iPod accessories, giant interior TV, gaming systems, microwave, surround sound stereo system and cameras all over the outside of the car.

"This is so sick," Tomlinson said of the van in a video posted online. "It's amazing." Malik added, "I can't wait for the boys to see it."

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