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    Does Nick Jonas Throw Shade at Rita Ora in New Jonas Brothers Song?

    Rita Ora, Nick Jonas Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

    Uh-oh. Does Nick Jonas have something against Rita Ora?

    That seems to be what some are deducing based on an interview the singer and his fellow Jonas Brothers gave to Idolator. In particular, when Nick starts talking about one of the group's new songs, "What Do I Mean To You," and its lyrics.

    "I was inspired by being in London," Nick said. "It's really dark. That's what I love about this song. We used to be more creative than we needed to be with our lyrics to disguise the things we were really talking about and the people we were talking about. Now. it's more fun to just lay it out. The person's name who it's about is in the second verse of the song."

    As for the lyrics in question?

    "No need for water, Rita/ You got the wine/ Searching for diamonds/ When I gave you the time."

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    Sure enough, the conclusion by many is that the "Rita" in the tune is a direct reference to the British pop star.

    "Damn, what the hell did Rita Ora do to Nick that made him feel he was treated so badly to directly call her out by name in a song?" one site notes.

    Ouch! If true, it could give the word mean in "What Do I Mean To You" new meaning.

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