Late night study sessions, all-nighters and more can take a toll on any gal's looks, but makeup artist Kat Connelly has a few tips to ensure busy students can ace both their exams and their beauty routines. Check out Connelly's steps for a quick-and-easy makeup routine for coeds on-the-go:

1. Apply Shadow Pencil: If you're slammed with hitting the books and juggling extracurricular activities, Connelly suggests reaching for a shadow pencil. One quick sweep over your lids and boom—your eyeshadow is done!

2. Use Mascara: Plump up lashes with a volume-building mascara, like COVERGIRL's New Flamed Out Mascara that gives you 3x more volume. "It gives a bold, winged-out look to your lashes, so your eyes will look bright all day long," Connelly says.

3. Add Blush: To brighten up your skin in a flash, sweep a bit of blush to the apples of the cheeks.

4. Put on Lip Gloss: "To keep your lips moist and fresh, add a little bit of lip gloss," advises Connelly. "It will add moisture and color." The best part? You can apply it straight from the tube as you're running from class to class.

And there you have it! Now you can look ravishingly refreshed for class or, you know, the next big campus party.

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