The kids must have missed the memo that said Real World behavior doesn't fly in the real world. But then if MTV's roomies weren't so wild, what a boring place this would be.

And so the Puck Award for stupid behavior this week goes to Robin Hibbard, one of the housemates in MTV's upcoming Real World: San Diego edition, currently taping in SoCal.

Hibbard was busted on Tuesday for assaulting a Marine while she partied at a San Diego nightclub, and the whole thing was captured on tape, report the muckrakers at the Smoking Gun Website.

No word if viewers will get to see the 23-year-old Florida bartender gone wild next season. The 14th installment of MTV's popular series bows in January 2004.

Calls to Bunim-Murray's production offices weren't returned.

Cops busted Hibbard after she allegedly punched and scratched one Derek Porter.

The 29-year-old tough guy, who refused a police offer of medical treatment, suffered several six-inch scratches according to San Diego police spokesman Bill Robinson.

Hibbard, who identified herself to cops as a Real World cast member, was charged with misdemeanor battery and spent the night courtesy of the Las Colinas women's jail before making bail.

No word on what triggered the clash. According to Robinson, Hibbard and friends entered the bar with a camera crew and told fellow barflies they were taping for MTV. Cut to Hibbard beating up on the Marine.

It should come as no small surprise that Hibbard's not the only Real World-er with a rap sheet.

Just last month, Real World: Paris veteran Adam King was busted in Statesboro, Georgia, after he flagged down a police cruiser in the wee hours of the morning and then took off running when cops stopped the car.

King, who was in Georgia visiting fellow Paris roomie Ace, was nabbed a couple of minutes later and charged with being a pedestrian under the influence and loitering/prowling, both misdemeanors.

Other housemates who've swapped the show's signature luxury digs for a spartan cell include Las Vegas cast member Alton Williams. In February, he was hauled off to the slammer for taking a swing at a bar manager during a charity event in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, fellow Sin City housemate Frank Roessler was already on probation when he appeared on the series' twelfth installment. He was convicted of criminal mischief in March 2001 after trashing two frat houses at Bucknell University, where he was a student.

Then there was troubled Seattle vet Stephen Williams, who was in for a double dose of trouble when he was arrested for stealing a Toyota Camry last March. Cops found he had skipped out on an earlier court date based on a 2001 arrest for turning tricks in Hollywood. Williams pleaded guilty to car theft and spent 30 days in the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail.

Finally, there's the granddaddy of them all, San Francisco's Puck. Two years after his 1994 antics got him booted from the MTV house, David Edward Rainey (his real name) was arrested for bashing his live-in girlfriend's head into a wall. Puck pleaded guilty to a count of corporal injury and spent eight months cooling his heels in jail in 1999.

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