Kate Winslet may be pregnant, but her Labor Day costar Josh Brolin says she's equally beaming even when she's not with child.

"She has a glow whatever she does," Brolin told E! News during the 2013 Toronto Film Festival. "She doesn't have to be pregnant to have a glow."

Brolin gushed of a special moment he had while feeling Winslet's baby bump, "I was feeling the baby last night and the baby moved, and that was a very exciting moment for me."

Kate Winslet

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

As for staying busy promoting Labor Day at TIFF while well into her pregnancy, the Oscar winner told our own Alicia Quarles, "It helps that I get to talk about a film that I'm really proud to be a part of, that makes a big difference. But also, it's just a couple of days."

One pregnancy red carpet rule? Minimal wearing of high heels!

"The shoes were off until the second I stepped out of the car and onto the carpet," Winslet laughed, adding, "and then they were off the second I stepped off the carpet, believe me."

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