Harry Styles Makes Ailing Teen's Wish Come True—All the Details

    Harry Styles, Kelcey Hallinan, Twitter, Make A Wish Karwai Tang/WireImage

    Harry Styles has the reputation of being a heartbreaker, but he's really got a heart of gold.

    When he learned that teenage superfan Kelcey Hallinan had gotten too sick to travel and was unable to realize her Make-A-Wish dream of meeting One Direction, he wanted to help. And thanks to Kelcey's friends, 1D fans and Twitter, Harry was able to "meet" Kelcey via Skype. Kelcey and her mom Alicia talked with E! News exclusively about the meaningful moment.

    Kelcey's friends knew she was disappointed she wouldn't be able to travel to meet her favorite band. So, they thought, maybe Harry could tweet her! Thanks to their tenacity and awesome Directioners around the world #HarryTweetKelcey became a Twitter top trending topic on Sunday, Sept. 8. Harry took note, tweeting back, " Hi  @kelceyhal it's nice to 'meet' you. I'm thinking about you.. And sending you all my love. H .xx." Shortly after this tweet, the Make-A-Wish Foundation asked Harry if he was able to accommodate a Skype call, to which he readily agreed.

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    Harry Styles, Kelcey Hallinan, Twitter, Make A Wish Karwai Tang/WireImage

    Kelcey, checked in at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, said she "wasn't expecting it, so I was very excited when he came up on my computer screen!"

    "I was like talking to a normal person, not a famous person—[like] talking to a friend," she said, noting that the call lasted around 18 minutes. "He's a genuinely nice person."

    Kelcey was "just joking around" and suggested Harry get a new tattoo. But it's not the huge new rose one on his arm! "He got [that] before he spoke to her," said mom Alicia. "However, she did admire it."

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    Harry Styles Karwai Tang/WireImage

    Alicia said her daughter's chat with Harry was "bittersweet."

    "Kelcey has been the bravest and strongest person throughout her illness and an inspiration to so many people," she added. "I am so happy that her friends began the Twitter frenzy and [this was] the ultimate outcome. It was truly a rollercoaster weekend, but the smiles on Kelcey's face were priceless."

    Stay #KelceyStrong.

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