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Simon Cowell, X Factor, Rebel Wilson, Super Fun Night, Stephen Amell, Arrow, Connie Britton, Nashville


Start buttering up your DVR right now 'cause you're really going to need to be on its good side!

Fall TV officially kicks off tonight with the premiere of The X Factor, and we're curious to know which Wednesday night series you'll be watching live this season and which ones will be spending some quality time with Top Chef reruns on your DVR. That's right, it's DVR Deathmatch time!

Will you keep tuning in to see Simon Cowell and Co. attempt to create a superstar or will you be checking out Survivor's new castaways on CBS? Or maybe you'll be too busy ogling Stephen Amell's abs on Arrow to bother with the reality series?

At 9 p.m., Modern Family  teams up with Rebel Wilson's new comedy Super Fun Night to battle it out for ratings domination with Criminal Minds and the CW's new drama The Tomorrow People, which stars Amell's equally as attractive cousin Robbie Amell. And at 10 p.m., Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere's Nashville dukes it out with longtime hit CSI and Blair Underwood's new cop drama Ironside.

So many options, so little time...

Check back tomorrow for more DVR Deathmatch polls!

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