Did Snoop really act like a dogg over some underage nudity?

According to court papers submitted by sheriff's investators in Bay County, Florida, and obtained by the Smoking Gun Website, the rap star allegedly baited a 17-year-old girl and her friend to bare their breasts in front of a Girls Gone Wild camera crew by offering her pot and Ecstasy during filming at Mardi Gras in February of 2002.

According to a sworn statement, Snoop and Girls Gone Wild impresario Joseph Francis "did solicit lure, entice and pressure, through the use of their celebrity status and through offers of illegal narcotics such as marijuana and 'Ecstasy,' Jamie Capdeboscq, under the age of 18, and Whitni Candiotto, under the age of 18, with knowledge of the true age of both...to disrobe and expose their breasts for the purpose of use in a Girls Gone Wild film or production."

Shots of the breast-baring Capdeboscq and Candiotto flanking Snoop appear on the cover of the Girls Gone Wild: Doggy Style video and DVD. The two women have since sued Snoop, Francis and the Girls Gone Wild franchise in federal court for improperly using their images, which also appear in TV and Internet ads.

According to the Smoking Gun, Snoop, who has in recent months distanced himself from the Girls Gone Wild series, recently filed a response in court saying the duo voluntarily exposed themselves and "voluntarily consumed alcohol and other intoxicants" during the filming," which took place on Bourbon Street on February 12, 2002.

The plying-with-drugs allegations also come as part of a larger criminal case against Girls Gone Wild purveyor Francis, who's been slapped with 22 charges for knowingly videotaping underage girls naked and paying them to indulge in sexual activity, as well as drug trafficking. He was arrested April 3.

The latter incidents occurred during taping of a spring break special last year in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Mentions of Snoop's Mardi Gras escapades were included as evidence by prosecutors to allege that Francis has a history of sexually exploiting innocent minors for the purpose of an "ongoing illicit enterprise."

For those unfamiliar with the format, Francis and camera crew invade booze-soaked locales frequented by uninhibited college coeds, shoot the ensuing sexcapades and pump out a quick video. The series has generated millions of dollars of revenue.

But the outtakes could generate some serious jail time for Francis. According to Bay County Sheriff's investigators who screened the unreleased footage, Francis paid a minor $50 for a sexual favor. They also claim other employees pressured teenage girls to not only bare their breasts and genitalia, but also paid them to engage in sexual acts in public and in private.

In the unedited videos, seized when Francis was arrested, he also supposedly calls the 31-year-old Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, his "bitch magnet" thanks to his ease with the ladies.

A few months after Francis' bust, probably sensing the time was right for a hasty exit, the multiplatinum-selling rapper announced he was ending his tenure as host of Doggystyle because the series only featured white women and he was disappointed at the lack of diversity in Spring Break land.

"If you notice, there hasn't been no girls of [color] at all on none of those tapes," Snoop Dogg complained to the Associated Press. "No black girls, no Spanish girls--all white girls, and that [stuff] ain't cool, because white girls ain't the only hos that get wild."

Snoop, who has his own adult films label, Snoopadelic Pictures, said he hoped to "bring some flavor to the table" and one day do his own Girls Gone Wild-style production for equal opportunity lewdness.


Snoop currently hosts his own MTV variety show, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, which debuted in June and has poked fun at his Girls Gone Wild days in skits.

Next up for the rapper is his big-screen take on Huggy Bear, the colorful pimp in trouble with the law in the upcoming Starsky and Hutch feature, starring Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Snoop's also come aboard Soul Plane, described as a hip-hop-flavored Airplane! costarring Method Man.

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