Campbell's Soup K-Cup, Keurig

Campbell Soup Company and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Have you ever wanted to eat soup but it was just too much work? Probably not, because most people just put it in a bowl and microwave it. But making soup just became even easier, if you can believe it.

Now you can make soup in your coffee maker.

Campbell's Soup has announced a partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to create K-Cups, single-serve instant soup packets that can be made in any Keurig-like coffee machine.

President and CEO of Green Mountain Coffee Brian P. Kelley explained in a statement, "The union of Campbell's great taste and the speed and convenience of Keurig...better meet[s] the growing snacking needs of consumers in the U.S."

The K-Cup is being advertized as a snack and not a full meal (not that soup is ever really a full meal, don't you at least need a cheese sandwich or something to accompany it?) and will hit shelves in 2014.

At first, three flavors will be offered, including Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle.

The K-Cup pack comes with a packet of dry pasta and vegetable blend garnish (in the same vein as instant ramen) and "can be prepared at the touch of a button." The machine is able to clean itself so your coffee and soup flavors won't mix, we're told

"Campbell is connecting with consumers in new and exciting ways," Campbell's president and CEO Denise Morrison said. "We expect provide consumers with a flavorful, convenient soup that fits their lives today." 

So will you try out the K-Cup? Or stick to the old school way of preparing soup? Or do you already make your soup in a coffee maker (we assume there's at least one of you out there who's like, "I've been doing this for years! I could've been a millionaire!")?

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Would you eat K-Cup soup?
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