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Channing Tatum certainly has a lot of talents, but basketball sure isn't one of them.

During an appearance on Spanish talk show El Hormiguero earlier this week, Jenna Dewan Tatum's gorgeous hubby went head-to-head in a game of hoops with an incredibly gifted 2-year-old named Titus!

Titus, accompanied by his dad, starts out by showing off his impressive skills, making a dozen successful shots with various sizes of balls.

Then, the competition begins. Tatum was given 45 seconds to make as many successful shots as possible, with the help of throws from the show's host. The Spanish host makes three in the hoop while Tatum misses all but two. Poor guy.

Then, it was Titus' turn to beat five shots in 45 seconds. Needless to say, he does it. Little Titus makes a whopping 14 shots in the net! But don't worry, Tatum wasn't too bummed to lose at basketball. After losing, he picked up the pint-sized champ for a victory parade. The 21 Jump Street hunk also tweeted after the show, "He may only be 2, but this kid's got game! Had fun playing a little b-ball w/ Titus on @El_Hormiguero today."

Tatum isn't the first celeb to be schooled by little Titus. The 2-year-old basketball phenom has also trounced pro player Shaquille O'Neal!

Watch the cute clip for yourself.

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