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Katie Holmes and Bobbi Brown Launch New Bobbi & Katie Makeup Palette—Watch the Video!

If you're in the market to update your beauty routine this fall, look no further than the new Bobbi & Katie makeup palette created by (you guessed it!) Katie Holmes and Bobbi Brown.

The adorable on-the-go compact looks like a miniature book with pink ribbon binding and is filled to the brim with gorgeous shades of eye shadow, blush, lip color and even a coppery gold eyeliner to flatter every skin tone.

"It was Katie's idea to make one that fits in your hand and quickly fits into your bag," Brown explained of the concept.

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Bobbi & Katie Palette Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

She also pointed out that this kit brilliantly solves a world of beauty problems including easy organization and plenty of wearable shades that can work wonders in a pinch.

"I'm the organizer and you're the designer. You're form, I'm function!" Bobbi said to Katie with a smile.

In this video, the makeup guru expertly swipes on shimmery shadows on Katie's lids and demonstrates the versatility of each of the carefully selected colors. 

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Bobbi & Katie Palette Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

"Pink is important. The inspiration is chocolate and maybe a little bit of raspberry. They're really wearable and really pretty," the duo explained of their collaborative palette.

What a perfect pair!

Katie also tries her hand at application, proving that the shadows blend together perfectly for a day-to-night look with no room for error.

"You can easily apply it all in a taxi cab!" she smiled. 

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