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    Robin Thicke's Mystery Girl Revealed: 5 Things to Know About Lara Scolaro

    Robin Thicke, Paula Patton Twitter

    The woman caught in the middle (or is that the rear?) of the Robin Thicke photo scandal has confirmed to E! News exclusively that the snapshot showing the singer grabbing her backside is, in fact, real.

    The puzzling pic was apparently taken during the MTV VMAs weekend and was even tweeted to the beautiful brunette actress wife of the singer, Paula Patton.

    "@PaulaPattonXO look at the reflection girl," Jen Leadley, whose profile states that she's in the U.K., tweeted along with the pic.

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    Robin Thicke, Lana Scolaro, Instagram Instagram

    In the photo, we can see Thicke and the young lady's backsides reflected in a mirror—and his hand appears to be placed suggestively on her butt. 

    So just who is the blond getting so close with one of the music industry's biggest acts right now? E! News breaks down the top five things to know about Lana Scolaro.

    1. She comes from money: Between private jets and last-minute trips to Ibiza with her family, it seems that Scolaro likes to flaunt her lavish lifestyle on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

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    Robin Thicke, Lana Scolaro, Instagram Instagram

    2. She loves fashion: She's got handfuls of designer bags, ranging from the coveted Birkin to just about every Chanel under the sun, and loves herself some jewelry.

    3. She's an incoming freshman: In one pic on her Instagram account, she proudly posted a letter of acceptance into Parsons School of Design for Fall 2013. Looks like this girl is about to take a bite out of the Big Apple for school!

    4. She's an artist: If you can make it past the Hermes-laden photos, you'll find that Scolaro is actually a budding artists who loves to post intricate portraits using both watercolors and charcoal. Her sketches are proof positive that she's got quite a knack for the arts.

    5. Girl can rock a bikini: If she's not flying around in her dad's chartered jet, she's soaking up the sun in most likely the newest designer bikini she could get her hands on. And with a bod like that, who can blame her?

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