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    Beyoncé Rides a Roller Coaster During Coney Island Video Shoot—Watch Now!

    Beyoncé enjoys a little adrenaline rush from time to time—even if it's technically for work.

    The super star singer was spotted visiting the iconic Coney Island amusement park in New York today for a video shoot, and the fans were more than excited to get a glimpse of Queen B.

    "It's a very great day today, it's good luck for me and all her fans," an admirer of the star tells E! News. "She came to Brooklyn. Beyoncé came to Brooklyn to see us!"

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    Beyonce, Coney Island JDH Images / Splash News

    The fan continued, "We saw her when she was riding on the rides. First two times it was her backup dancer. The third time it was her. She was sitting in the front. She was holding on to her hat, so we knew it was her...Pretty cool. And like she would always say on her tumblr., on her website, 'Bey Good.'"

    Arriving around 4:30 p.m., the celeb—who sported a white tank with a black bra, jeans and a Notorious B.I.G cap—spent two hours riding the Cyclone Coney Island roller coaster several times next to her stylist Ty Hunter, while a couple dozen (approximately 25 people) extras were on the ride with her.

    A couple hundred people gathered to watch the filming as the ride was close for nearly an hour and a half.

    Upon leaving, Bey looked over at the sea of fans and smiled and waved at the crowd.

    Beyonce, Coney Island JDH Images / Splash News
    Beyonce, Coney Island JDH Images / Splash News

    —Reporting by Lindsay Good

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