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Diane Kruger Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Diane Kruger, Chanel Chanel

Diane Kruger has some pretty deep thoughts on the topic of beauty.

As the new face of Chanel's skin care line, the stunning actress has gone way beyond suggesting her favorite lipstick or mascara when asked to dish on achieving good looks. 

Case in point, in an interview for DuJour magazine, the 37-year-old got a downright philosophical when discussing how she feels about her appearance now that she's approaching 40.

"Even though I loved being 20, I'm not nostalgic about my beauty at that time," she said. "However, I am nostalgic about all of my first times: the first time that I kissed someone, the first time that I saw New York...I realized that I had to live fully in the moment and open myself to others or life would pass me by. If I'm happier now, then I'm more beautiful than I was before."

Pretty deep, huh? 

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Diane Kruger, Chanel Chanel

Still, the blond beauty does admit she has a more practical side when it comes to her red carpet beauty routine—but even then, she tries to keep things in perspective with a healthy mindset.

"My experience as a model taught me the right tips and tricks to enhance my features, so I prefer to do my own makeup. I want above all to look like myself," she explained. "Feeling beautiful is a private emotion. This helps me put things in perspective, accept myself as I am and no longer undertake an insatiable quest for perfection."

But from the looks of the behind-the-scenes shots from her Chanel shoot that DuJour shares with its readers, she's pretty close to perfection if you ask us.

And for about those of us interested in a more tangible way of achieving Kruger's amazing age-defying looks, the German beauty also offered a more hands-on approach to looking great. 

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Diane Kruger, Chanel Chanel

"I think that beauty begins with beautiful skin," she explained. "So, even though I enjoy caring for my skin, I also consider it to be an obligation. In my career as a model and then as an actress, I've had to deal with this every day. So I am very strict about protecting my skin. I'm very careful about not exposing my skin to the sun anymore. I never go out without my sunblock—even in the city!"

And there you have it! So, for those of you who can't quite wrap our heads around privately experiencing beauty, go ahead and slather on the SPF.

What do you think of Diane's tips?

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