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Hairstylist Ken Paves Talks Victoria Beckham: "She Can Do a Wicked Ponytail"

Victoria Beckham, Instagram Instagram

Ken Paves' long list of celebrity clients also happens to be most of his BFFs. The hairstylist—who was once inseparable from Jessica Simpson—currently works with pals Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

And while he wouldn't ever pick a favorite, it's clear he's extremely close to one British designer.

In a new interview with Grazia U.K., Ken says after seven years together, sometimes it can seem like the mom-of-four doesn't even need his talents anymore.

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Victoria Beckham, Instagram Instagram

"She is great at doing her own hair," says Ken. "She can do a wicked ponytail and great waves by tonging it. Sometimes we're together and I say, 'Oh my god, your hair looks amazing, did somebody come over?' She's like 'No.'"

Yet his biggest reveal about Beckham doesn't have to do with her secret hair skills. He dishes that the fashionista's closet isn't as large as people might think.

"I admire her because the best thing about fashion is that it's all about the edit," he shares. "Everything is so streamlined and it's all organized. Her closet is not enormous by any means."

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Victoria Beckham, Instagram Instagram

But Posh isn't the only one the hairstylist gushes about. He also had high praise for Mama Monster.

"The opportunity to work with Lady Gaga was such an incredible experience. I think she is one of the greatest artists of our generation because she really brings art to entertainment with great authenticity. It was amazing to be in her creative presence."

As for the gal he's had the most fun with creatively: J.Lo takes the top slot. "Jennifer is such a style chameleon. I've done short hair, long hair, dark hair, up hair, down hair! We've done everything."

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