Lady Gaga

Sharpshooter Images/Splash

Confession: we had no idea this was Lady Gaga at first glance. Second confession: we were 100% certain it was Shakira...

But can you blame given those big blonde curls and this totally casual look? We haven't seen the "Applause" singer in anything but black menswear and a dress made out of paper lately! This white cropped top and flowy pant looks like something a flower child would wear on a tropical vacation or, in other words, the opposite of Gaga wear.

So it could be total shock that's making us like this look, or it might actually be a really fun clothing combo. The circle sequins all over the white bodice have a certain '70's feel, which works well with those wide-legged trousers and Gaga's equally wide hair. Yes, the pants could be at least five inches shorter, but given the fact that we most recently saw the "Born This Way" singer in a mohair, turtleneck sweater, we'll let this slide.

In the end we say, "slightly weird, but mostly working." What's your take?

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What's your take on Gaga's all-white wear?
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